Monday, February 2, 2015

Madonna Shares Throwback Photo From The 80s

Over the years Madonna has changed her appearance numerous times and all of her looks are unforgettable.  

Madonna, 56, has recently shared a a throwback photo from the 80s on her Instagram account.

The shot, which has received 56.500 likes from fans, features the Queen of Pop with dark hair and cross earrings. It was the period when the pop star rose to fame with big hits such as "Holiday" and "Lucky Star".

In the caption, Madonna quoted one of her anthems from 2000 and posted an inspirational message.

Madonna wrote: "What it feels like for a girl...then and now! The struggle remains the same! To stay true to oneself no matter what! #rebelheart."

"Rebel Heart" is the title of Madonna's highly anticipated album which is set to be released in March.

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