Monday, March 2, 2015

PSY Plastic Surgery

South Korean singer-songwriter PSY, best known for his big hit "Gangnam Style", has revealed that before he rose to fame his record label wanted him to undergo a major plastic surgery makeover.  

In a recent interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph, PSY, whose real name is Park Jae-Sang, said: "The agency heard my raps and were picturing a six-foot tall, sharp-looking, trendy guy. But the CEO opened our meeting with the statement: "What are we going to do with this? "How about we make him wear a cool mask?""

"Everyone was coming up with solutions to my "looks problem". They said: "How about a bit of plastic surgery here and there?"" the rapper went on, adding: "The CEO's response to that was: "Just a bit?" In the end they reached no conclusions and just walked out of the room." 

PSY noted that he never went under the plastic surgeon's knife.

Conclusion: Despite plastic surgery was recommended for PSY, it turned out that it didn't hurt at all the artist's image.

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