Sunday, March 1, 2015

Todd Chrisley Plastic Surgery

Reality TV star Todd Chrisley, best known for his reality television series "Chrisley Knows Best", admitted to have succumbed to plastic surgery to maintain his youthful appearance.  

Chrisley, 45, revealed he had gotten botox injections in the past.

In an interview with Bravo's host Andy Cohen, the real estate mogul claimed that he "used to be a friend of the Botox," noting that he no longer uses the wrinkle removing injectable.

It is obvious that Chrisley takes great care of his appearance as his skin is perfect and smooth.

The millionaire star looks like he gets frequently botox injections as his forehead is wrinkle free.

Todd's face appears so smooth that Andy Cohen asked him whether or not he gets botox, with an under the breath: "Are you a friend of Botox?"

Chrisley replied: "I used to be a friend of Botox," which likely means that he stayed away from the injections, but it seems like his last injection couldn't have been too long ago if he is still unable to show emotions or wrinkle his forehead.

It is speculated that the reality star possibly gets other facial operations, including chemical or laser peels to maintain his smooth skin. Chrisley doesn't look like he has a heavy beard or a lot of facial hair, which can be a side effect of laser treatments on males as they may also remove hair follicles in addition to tightening skin and removing dead layers that lead to wrinkles.

Chrisley is also estimated to get fillers in his cheeks and even the nasolabial folds around his mouth. He has a very youthful glow and it is still very plump rather than showing the natural crags that come with time. Todd possibly got lip injections as his lips are rather prominent for an ordinary man.

According to an article in Eide Magazine, the successful businessman is launching a skincare line with famous plastic surgeon Dr. Miles Graivier.

It is considered that Chrisley regularly cleanses his face with a ProSonic exfoliating device to keep it clean, shiny and smooth as well as he makes use of high end skincare products and of course he wears sunscreen on a daily basis to get rid of further signs of aging.

What do you think? Did Todd Chrisley get plastic surgery?

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