Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lady Gaga Launches New Product Line For Pets

Lady Gaga just announced that she is going to launch a pet product line that will craft "quality, functional and purposeful products" that are just as creative as the pop icon herself.  

In addition, the product line is expected to include an organic, grain-free pet food line and a portion of profits will go to local organizations that work with pets.

"This is not just about crazy outfits for dogs," Gaga's manager Bobby Campbell revealed to Billboard, adding: "It's about giving pet parents and pet owners a fun and creative way for protecting their pets, as well as fun clothes to display on Instagram (because Gaga loves doing that)."

Gaga, 29, teased her new project by sharing some pictures on her Instagram account of her lovely puppy, a French bulldog named Miss Asia Kinney. The pet can be spotted dressing up, reading Vogue and getting a massage.

Are you excited about Lady Gaga's new venture?

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