Monday, June 15, 2015

Selena Gomez Is Pantene's New Face (VIDEOS)

Selena Gomez just announced that she is the new face of Pantene. 

"I am so happy to announce my new partnership with Pantene! #SelenaxPantene #strongisbeautiful @pantenehair," Gomez, 22, shared on her Instagram account.

The actress and singer is featured in a few commercials that have been debuted already, as well as some video features.

"The three reasons I'm excited to be Pantene's new ambassador are I've used it my whole life; and second, their message for women being strong is beautiful and what they represent is so what I embody and want my fans to know, to feel confident; and third, it's fun," Gomez says in the behind-the-scenes video, adding: "It's so fun to feel like your inner girl, playing with your hair and just feeling beautiful."

Check out the videos below...


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