Saturday, August 15, 2015

Madonna's Dancers "On Strike" After A Lot Of Pressure ?

There are numerous claims that Madonna's behavior during rehearsals for her highly anticipated tour "Rebel Heart" is so awful that many people are leaving, blaming her for being a diva. 

Madonna's upcoming tour begins on September 9 and she is likely under a lot of pressure.

According to celebrity website Radar Online, Madonna, 56, works her dancers to the point where they have actually gone on strike.

"On Monday night, the dancers declared mutiny on Madonna because she is working them way too hard," an "insider" revealed to the outlet.

"One dancer even went so far as to take off his credentials, throw it in her face and say: "F*ck you. I quit!" She had to call security to protect her and escort her remaining dancers out," the "source" went on, noting: "On another occasion, one of her dancers broke her arm during rehearsals and instead of showing concern, Madonna had a nuclear meltdown."

"Everyone is required to wear black head-to-toe at all times and she has said, in her own words, that there are "no fat c*nts allowed in her presence," the "insider" explained, adding: "Madonna seems to expect everyone to drop every other project that they are working on to cater to her and make her tour their only priority in life."

What is really absurd is the rumor that Madonna does't pay her dancers a satisfying salary.

"The problem is that she does not pay very well, but she knows that people that she hires will work countless hours at less than premium wage because she is Madonna," the "insider" was quoted as saying, adding: "Her ego is so over-inflated and she thinks that her staff are lucky to be in her presence."

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