Thursday, August 27, 2015

Madonna's Trainer Reveals Her Workout Secrets

There is no doubt that Madonna has one of the most amazing bodies in the world. 

The question is: "How does she keep perfectly toned?"

Madonna's personal trainer Craig Smith, who is also the creative director of her fitness brand Hard Candy Fitness, recently shared the pop icon's workout secrets and how anyone can get her abs and arms.
"We focus on body weight training," Smith said, who "utilizes dance to tone the entire body, plus a mix of asana yoga, Bar Method and a lot of hybrid Pilates programs to give that nice, sleek look to her arms."

As for her exercises in general, Craig revealed: "switching it up gives her variety and keeps it interesting," noting: "Her body doesn't plateau. It's always in a guesswork state. Her body is always changing in a positive way."

Smith stated that Madonna who "in a perfect week, works out six days" also uses weights on the lighter side to ensure flawlessly toned arms. "We never go over 5 lbs.," Smith was quoted as saying, adding: "The range is from 2 to 5 lbs."

The Queen of Pop has, of course, a busy workout schedule, but Smith believes it's all about balance. 

"The main thing we focus on is keeping her energy levels up," Craig explained, while also referring to the importance of getting adequate rest. 

"The recovery time is just as important as the workout time. Even though we work out six days a week, notice that we are doing yoga. Yoga isn't going to be taxing on the body. It's focused on a completely different dynamic, like breathing and like rebuilding wear and tear from more rigorous, high-intensity workouts," Smith concluded.

Check out the video below...

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