Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't know what to wear on Halloween? Get some ideas from the celebs!!!

Here are some photos of how celebrities are inspired by Halloween...
I have to admit that they dared a great deal!


Celebrity halloween costumes 2009

Celebrity halloween costumes 2009                   

Celebrity halloween costumes 2009             
Johnny Hallyday Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Adam Sandler, Johnny Hallyday, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nicole Richie, David Spade, Kurt Russell, Amanda Seyfried and other guests at Kate Hudson's Halloween Party in Pacific Palisades, CA. Leo kept his mask on so no photographer could get a picture of his face.

  Η  Kim Kardashian κυκλοφορεί και προκαλεί το…χάος 

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  1. Ciao Wilhelmina! Wow! You gave the most extensive catalogue of celebrity Halloween costumes in the world! Very thorough and very cool. I just stopped by to visit.
    Happy Halloween to you from here in northern California. Tonight I am the official person passing out candy to all the Halloween travelers. Our grandchildren will stop by for vampire soup. Actually tomato soup which is our tradition. Have a great time and Be safe!
    Oh... I write a blog about food and my musings on life and love. Please stop by. Visit. Maybe follow if you like.


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