Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Celebrity Twitter Accounts Worth Following

Most celebrity twitters are just a crappy newsfeed maintained by the celebs assistant, posting tweets about album release dates and other things we can figure out with a basic google search.

Some celebrity twitterer's are just plain boring and tweet too much about the bagel they just ate or how cute their dog looks in the bow-tie that was just gifted to them by "Hollywood Doggie Bow-Ties R Us." I'm kidding, I have no idea if that's a real dog bow-tie company.

But here are 10 celebrity Twitter accounts that are worthy of following mostly because they are ridiculous, sometimes funny, and occasionally informative.

@Sn00ki: Snookie's tweets walk a fine line between a drunk text and an insightful comment, scratch that, there's nothing insightful here.

If you want instant "lols" several times a day, follow Snookie on twitter. Her most recent tweet, "LOL so some girl comes up to me n goes "you look like one of those girls from the jersey show, but you look better." Uhm thanks? lmao."

This is Snookies proudest moment, FYI. She also tweets, "Humid, yuck," proving that she also correctly identifies the weather.

@KimKardashian: Kim Kardashian has become the latest Twitter user to reach 10 million twitter followers. 10 Million people can’t be wrong. 

Apparently that many people care to read tweets by Kim K like, "Just ate a hot dog and Mr. Softy ice cream from the food trucks and have a tummy ache now," I must be missing something. Kim was also recently voted the Most Annoying Celebrity of summer by Parade magazine.
If 10 million people like her tweets, how many millions found her annoying? Oi.

@thegarybusey: I feel bad that Garey Busey's brain has deteriorated overtime, however, it has contributed to the most ridiculous twitter feed ever.


fuck yeah friday
Nothing he tweets ever makes sense. For example, he tweets, "I just found out what an I.O.U is; its one cube of ICE, an OLIVE and URNE. I.O.U. Ice, Olive, Urine."

“We should all forget that night.”
Lost Highway (1997)

That is NOT a cocktail, Gary Busey. Also my favorite of his tweets, "The ridiculous feet of the trasmadic dog." I just googled "trasmadic" and no such thing exists! Feet? Dogs? Trasmadic?

Suitable for Framingvia b4.ac-images.myspacecdn.com
You will spend all day wondering if Garey Busey is insane or knows something about life that every other human has yet to figure out.

@rainnwilson: Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight Schrute on "The Office" is as funny on twitter as he is on-screen, because there's nothing more disappointing than finding out your favorite sitcom actors are actually really boring in real life.
 He tweets some gems about naming his, uhmm, man bits, "I call my right one 'Taylor Lautner'. It has abs."

@britneyspears: Britney Spears is one of the few MEGA stars who actually tweets for herself...I mean, Barack Obama has a "team" of boring people tweet for him, but Britney does all the typing herself!

Annddd she tweets at her fans. All her tweets are her tweeting at her "loyal" fans. So if you're one of those people whose sole satisfaction in life is to be tweeted at by a celeb, your odds are pretty good with B.Spears.

@taylorswift13: Taylor Swift is cool to follow because she twitpics fairly often, so fans can see what it's like to hang out with T-Swift "behind the scenes" or whatever.
Her tweets read exactly like all her song lyrics, case in point: "Winding down from a loud show in Louisiana - on my bus, eating candy out of a bowl like it's Halloween."

@ladygaga: I would only follow Lady Gaga if you are a severely hard core Gaga fans.
 She doesn't say much other than brag about her accolades and announce new Gaga news before it even happens. So if you're one of those self-proclaimed "little monsters" you'll wanna follow her for all THE BREAKING NEWS.
A couple of weeks ago she tweeted, "In 1 hour I will reveal my new cover on the September issue of BAZAAR. It's the first Black and White Cover printed in 20 YEARS!" and then exactly one hour later she'll twitpic the photo. Why the dramatic build-up? I dunno.

@katiecouric: If you don't read the news because it's boring and filled with big confusing words like "incumbent" and "health insurance" then just follow Katie Couric on twitter.
Most of her tweets are links to news articles, but only the simple non-partisan stories like "How To Fight Cancer With Vinegar." Just follow Katie and you almost know everything going on in the world!

@IamStevenT: Steven Tyler is worth following simply because he tweets IN ALL CAPS.
He also replaces the letter "S" with the letter "Z" and incorrectly spells like that chick from the "IDK MY BFF JILL" commercial.

@RobKardashian: Rob is hands down my favorite Kardashian. He's just so DGAF. Rob makes "being chill" seem like a profession. His tweets are so inane and so pointless that they are unintentionally funny.

He tweets, "Just changed my profile pic and my background. Holler." Holler for what? You can navigate the twitter account settings page? But my favorite tweet..."just woke up randomly." Oh Rob, only you.


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