Friday, February 24, 2012

Does Robert Pattinson Take Kristen Stewart For Granted ?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed holding hands at a friend’s party on February 19th but  according to the body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass their relationship , judging by looking at this specific photo , doesn’t scream true love. In fact, she claims  that Kristen looks more into Rob than he does with her. Could this mean trouble ?

"They are super comfortable with one another, perhaps a bit too comfortable to the point he may be taking her for granted as he looks away from her and doesn’t acknowlege her," Dr. Glass states. "Also both her hands are cupped indicating she may be a little angry for not getting that attention. Rob doesn’t smile or reach back out to her. While they may still be an item, this may be a slight sign that the passion may be waning, at least on his part.  It is unusual since we always saw him all over her in past photos and she appeared to be the aloof one. Now the tables may be turned."

It has to be mentioned that this picture was taken when Rob and Kristen went to a "Dirty Dancing" themed party over the weekend. Do you think their relationship is on the rocks?

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