Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney Houston's Final Meal !

Whitney Houston consumed alcoholic beverages shortly before she died, and the mix of prescription drugs and booze could have produced the fatal result.

It has been reported that she ordered a hamburger, fries, a turkey sandwich and jalapenos.  The picture also shows a Heineken can and an empty champagne glass.  Sources say the glass had been filled with champagne.

The picture was shot in the bathroom after Whitney's body was removed and shows a tray which contained the turkey sandwich and jalapenos.  Family sources say Whitney ate the burger and fries and took the turkey sandwich and jalapenos into the bathroom where she planned on eating both items after her bath.

If you look closely you can see water on the bathroom floor.

Authorities informed the family Whitney may have suffered a fatal reaction from mixing drugs and alcohol, possibly leading to a heart attack.

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