Saturday, January 31, 2015

Kevin Costner Hair Transplant

American actor Kevin Costner, best known for "The Bodyguard" and "Dances with Wolves", is rumored to have had plastic surgery.  

Kevin Costner's full head of hair is turning heads about whether the star has succumbed to plastic surgery by a hair transplant

Pictures of Costner, 60, reveal some temple recession as shown in a September 11, 2006 photo as well as having fullness in the initially balding frontal area as shown in a March 14, 2007 photo.

The National Enquirer quotes a hair transplant surgeon who claims that Kevin had actually the surgery. "In my opinion, there's definitely a change," Dr. Craig Ziering revealed, noting: "There's greater fullness in the frontal zone, in the hairline."

"The only thing that would make this kind of a change, in a six-month period, would be a hair transplant procedure," Dr. Ziering added.

The plastic surgery results seem really natural and flattering to Costner's face. 

According to plastic surgeon experts, the new hairline has most likely been created with micro hair grafts, whereby single hairs have been carefully transplanted in a way that imitates how a real hairline of a 60 year old would look like. For this reason, the hairline appears natural and avoids the "plug" look that plagued older hair transplants of a decade ago. The hair change would have not been evident to the eye. 

What do you think? Did Kevin Costner have a hair transplant?

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