Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen Quotes

1. There's always a special feeling I have while writing any song.  

2. Sometimes the people we admire the most are the last people to know we admire them. Pretty Amazing is great opportunity to let everyone know who you admire.

3. You can't always understand if someone's into you or not, so you should never really pursue something too far without gauging that first.

4. If you have an amazing gift - whether it's painting beautiful pictures, cooking, or playing soccer - part of your job is to share it!

5. Pretty much everyday, there's a moment where I'm having to pinch myself and think: "When did this happen to my life?"

6. I love that Seventeen is paying attention to beauty on the inside as well as the outside. That's what really pushed me (to be a judge).

7. I feel very giddy with the idea of making my imagination take form and being able to put on a show where people leave feeling like they've experienced something.

8. I can't tell you how lucky I feel to be able to collaborate with some of my dream producers.

9. Reading serves as a good escape when you're in the middle of doing crazy things.

10. My main concern is getting out an album that I feel really proud of.

11. I have a secret love of jazz.

12. The way I write is generally about love. I have a great fascination about the subject.

13. My tactic is to make eyes at someone.

14. I like to swim. It's good for the body and it helps clear my head.

15. I feel very, very blessed.

16. Candy apple red is my favorite color. It's a powerful color to wear. It's always been that way - I've always been really attracted to that color.

17. I really like guys who have confidence, but not the cocky over-the-top confidence.

18. I think in general, lines are a bad idea. Especially if they sound like lines. Everyone's immediate reaction is to just kind of cringe a little bit.

19. A lot of people don't know how to talk on the phone anymore.

20. I always write what feels really true and honest and me.

21. My music is bejewelled, it's colourful, it's romantic, it shines.

22. I know my music is going well when I don't have insomnia.

23. There's been a progression in my sound.

24. I think Robyn is so original and so brave in her decisions. I love her confidence. Even if she does something that's totally out of this world, she owns it.

25. I've never been an all-black girl. I like pinks and blues and greens. If you come over to my closet, you'll be able to find a rainbow of things to wear.

26. Canada was my whole world and my whole reality, and now I meet people who've never been there, and it's like: "You've never been to my whole world?"

27. I have a couple of girlfriends who've told me some horror stories but I've never had a really terrible kiss before.

28. I'm still enjoying discovering more designers and getting to play dress-up in a bigger way than I ever have before.

29. I like when the song starts to take over and you feel like you have to dance more than write.

30. I definitely have a little attraction to bad guys, but they have to be sweethearts underneath. After all, I like to be treated well.

31. I have so many gay friends that I love.

32. I do think grand gestures are a hit and miss, especially for girls.

33. One of my favorite things to make is homemade sushi. I know how to make the rolls and it's really fun to do.

34. I just want to be the best Carly Rae I can be.

35. The airport paparazzi kind of wigs me out a little bit.

36. I like Los Angeles. So many artistic people, and I just love the weather.

37. I'm a little bit of a hippie at heart, so I always wear things that are comfortable and flowing.

38. I really like to cook.

39. I had an English teacher who changed my life with the amount of attention she gave to my passion. She was the one who encouraged me to go to college. I don't even think she realizes the effect she's had on my life, pushing me to be braver.

40. I always wanted to be known as a songwriter and not just a songbird.

41. I like to travel by myself.

42. I think when it comes to pop I'm past the point of curiosity. I admit to a full-on obsession with it, and I think it's getting worse, actually.

43. I like to mix and match vintage with designer. It's how I create my own style.

44. I'm a very lucky girl.

45. I went to a Canadian college for performing arts and then I auditioned for Canadian Idol. That honestly was my golden ticket.

46. I waited for my first kiss.

47. Another iconic woman I admire is Madonna: She's evolved with such sincerity and poise that you believe each version of herself is the true version of herself.

48. I'm not going to freeze under the pressure. I'm hoping I can stand up to it.

49. For nighttime or for an event, I'm all about the nice heel. Something that's still walkable but definitely very elegant.

50. No, I haven't asked for a guy's number, but I've always wanted to.

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