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Enrique Iglesias Hair Transplant

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias is rumored to have had plastic surgery by a hair transplant.  

Iglesias, now 39, is seen numerous times wearing a hat. Many fans and celebrity watchers have speculated that he is wearing it to hide his receding hair line. According to others, though, Enrique becomes emotional sometimes when singing on stage that the hat will help hide his face from crying. One fan also revealed that Enrique grew up watching his grandmother wearing a hat, so he also wears a baseball cap to keep the tradition alive and to seem athletic.

"The King of Latin Pop" and "The King of Dance" - as called by Billboard - has claimed that he is wearing hats, because they make him appear more mysterious.

Judging by several pictures, however, it is more than obvious there is some recession for a long time.

It has to be noted that Enrique's famous father, Julio Iglesias, lost his hair at a young age (at his late twenties) and according to hair transplant experts had a bad hair transplant. So, it is estimated that Enrique suffers from the same genetic fate as hair loss can be inherited.

Some celebrity watchers believe that Enrique had a hair transplant while others believe he is actually wearing a wig

Hair transplant experts are often asked: "Is Enrique Iglesias losing his hair?"

According to hair transplant expert Dr Brandon Miles: "Enrique's hair loss is already quite advanced. By numerous photos I have seen of Enrique recently, which have the tell-tale signs of a "moving" hairline, sometimes revealing a significantly higher forehead, other times much smaller. This apparent movement of the hairline is a distinct indicator that Enrique wears a hairpiece, at least for frontal coverage".

"I am quite certain that Enrique does not have a hair transplant, or if he did it is hidden underneath the hairpiece. You see Enrique, like the vast majority of early balders, is simply not a good candidate for a hair transplant. Not only has he already got extensive hair loss at the front and brown, but his hair loss will continue well into his late fifties, so any hair-transplant would only last a matter of 5 or so years, if it was any good to begin with", Dr Brandon Miles explained.

"Early balders also typically do not have good donor hair for sufficient coverage in a hair transplant. Not only is their remaining horse shoe hair much much thinner, but it often does not "take", when transplanted," Dr Brandon Miles went on.

"This leads me to be fairly certain that despite his father having a hair transplant, Enrique simply can't have one and expect a cosmetic improvement. He has all the tell-tale signs of wearing a hairpiece, one that is probably bonded to his scalp and removed, cleaned and adjusted every 4 to 5 weeks. With all bonded hairpiece wearers suffering from hairline creep, this is one drawback from otherwise looking like you have a luscious head of hair," Dr Brandon Miles stated.

"He has lost so much hair that a hair transplant is simply not an option, so when you see him on TV these days without the baseball cap, what you are seeing on his head is a hairpiece, made from natural European hair, that starts at his hairline and goes all the way back to the perimeter of his hairless crown, but does not cover his sides nor the back of his head," Dr Brandon Miles added.

What do you think? Did Enrique Iglesias have a hair transplant?

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