Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kevin James Hair Transplant

American comedian Kevin James, best known for playing Doug Heffernan on the hit CBS sitcom "The King of Queens", is rumored to have had plastic surgery by a hair transplant.  

James, now 49, has obviously gotten a hair transplant and is actually a huge success. 

In "The King Of Queens", one can notice that Kevin's hairline was receding. In recent photos, though, the actor shows off a full head of hair.

The comedian made the smart decision to keep his hair short to hide his hair loss.

Several celebrity watchers and fans seem confused about Kevin's hair, with some claiming that he wears a wig for years.  

In an interview with Regis Philbin, however, fans noticed that James had a hair transplant, because one of the camera angles was from behind and his hair transplant scar was visible across the back of his head. 

According to hair loss restoration expert Alan J. Bauman: "Kevin James has worn a hairpiece for years which couldn't hide the loss in the temporal points (hairline that makes up the side of the forehead)."

"He's always got a hat on, too, or a hide-the-hairpiece Caesar cut. You can see in his side-view photos from Mall Cop, that he has lost his temporal points due to male pattern hair loss," Dr. Bauman went on.

"Even if he was to continue to use a hairpiece, a small transplant in the temporal points, would go a long way in looking more natural because it gives a more natural "frame of the face" than just the hairpiece up top. This kind of transplantation is a small session of just several hundred grafts containing mostly single follicles. The temporal point is the area most overlooked by hair transplant surgeons and one of the most difficult areas to design and execute in order to achieve naturalness."

What do you think? Did Kevin James get a hair transplant?

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