Saturday, February 7, 2015

Matthew McConaughey Hair Transplant

American actor Matthew McConaughey, best known for starring in "Dazed and Confused" and "Dallas Buyers Club", is rumored to have had plastic surgery by a hair transplant.


McConaughey, now 45, has long struggled with hair loss.

Judging by the before and after pictures, one can easily notice that Matthew's hairline was dramatically receding and he was actually balding fast in the late 90s, but in 2005 he mysteriously got his hair back.

After winning the Academy and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor, McConaughey became the centre of attention. It was then when fans and celebrity watchers realized that the actor had quite a transformation. 

Some people believe that McConaughey had a hair transplant or hair plugs while others speculated that it was a super vitamin which made his hair grow.

By looking at McConaughey's mugshot in October 1999, you can immediately realize that the star's hair was thinning, but his curly hair concealed the balding.

According to some sources close to the actor, McConaughey had possibly his hairline treated with plugs and then used minoxidil as well as finasteride/Propecia. He certainly improved his male pattern baldness by using a thickening shampoo and also with some kind of synthetic fiber like Toppik. 

According to hair transplant experts, McConaughey had indeed a hair transplant to restore hair in the frontal area of his head. 

Matthew explained in an interview with David Letterman that his quick hair growth was the result of using a topical hair growth product called "Regenix". 

According to hair transplant expert Dr. Alan Bauman: "Matthew's hair has been on the rebound for a while now. Publicly, to my knowledge, he's denied surgical intervention and equates the regrowth to a magical topical potion. However, physicians will agree, nothing grows hair on bald skin except hair transplantation. Even Propecia, which works 90% of the time, is designed for the long haul…keeping the hair you have, NOT re-growth of the hairline."

Dr. Alan Bauman went on: "Contrary to popular opinion, today's hair transplant procedures can be performed comfortably, reliably and efficiently. Not to mention, undetectably. This means that the transplanted hairlines of today, if performed with an "artistic eye," can mimic the feathery, wavy randomized look of a natural hairline- (i.e. NOT "pluggy")". 

"And because the transplanted hair is living and growing (also permanent, by the way), he can shampoo, wash, cut, swim, etc., all without the hassle and maintenance of a hairpiece - which would be an artificial solution to the hair loss problem. Advanced minimally -invasive techniques, like the FUE (Follicular-Unit Extraction) performed with devices like the NeoGraft, also allow for procedures that require no scalpel, no stitches and leave no linear scar give hair transplant patients more options for hair-styling. FUE procedures allow the surgeon to extract hair follicles or groups of follicles individually, without a linear harvest," Dr. Alan Bauman added.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer was quoted as saying: "It sure looks like Matthew has more hair now than he did in the past. It is a nice result."

What do you think? Did Matthew McConaughey get a hair transplant?

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