Sunday, August 16, 2015

Miley Cyrus Shares Toilet Selfie While Rocking Blue Lipstick And Drake Print Outfit

Miley Cyrus doesn't hesitate to share her private moments with the world.

Cyrus, 22, took to social media on Friday night to post a toilet selfie while wearing her Drake-print outfit and blue lipstick.

The former "Hannah Montana" star wrote on her Instagram account along with the image: "#PeePeeBlueLip"

Miley is seen sitting atop the porcelain bowl, leaning her face toward the light, as she parts her lips sexily.

The pop star is showing off her lipstick, which matches the blue of the rapper's lips on her outfit.

Cyrus also posted a close-up picture of just her lips and her top, sharing: "When yoooo lipzzzz match Drake!!!!"

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