Monday, November 7, 2011

How Justin Bieber became a father!!! ( ANIMATED )

The Los Angeles Police Department may look into the alleged backstage encounter between Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater.

Bieber was just 16 at the time of alleged incident, which would seem to leave Yeater vulnerable to statutory rape charges.

Meanwhile, the full paternity complaint is now available online. Yeater's $300-per-hour lawyers Lance Rogers and Mathew Pare estimate that Bieber earns $4.5 million monthly, yet they are asking for just $12,000 per month in expenses.
$5,000 a month in child care
$500 a month in child's health care      
$1,500 a month for travel expenses

$4000 a month for child's education

According to the document, Yeater owes Bank of America $200 and a hospital $25,000 for the birth of her child.  

Yeater seeks evidence to confirm the child was fathered by Bieber. The pop star has been asked to respond to the complain in court on December 15, 2011.

Yeater's statement appears on the video below...

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