Thursday, December 8, 2011

Does Justin Bieber Burn His Underwear??

 Justin Bieber’s pants are on fire?

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According to" In Touch", Justin Bieber burns his underwear after wearing them to ensure that they won’t be stolen by fans.


“A hotel employee was caught with Justin’s underwear in her purse, so the protocol now is that he gets a fresh pair of underwear every morning from his bodyguard, who burns the underwear he wore the day before in an incinerator,” said a source from the magazine.

Seriously? Okay, then. At least Bieber is getting a laugh out of this. “I have had a lot of rumors...but THIS...THIS IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!! Hahaha,” he tweeted.

A rep for the singer is defending this crazy story as well claiming it’s “not true, but hilarious”


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  1. I am glad that Justin Bieber has a good sense of humor. justin bieber songs.


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