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Janice Dickinson Addiction

Janice Dickinson, former supermodel, was a contestant on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab 4" in 2010-2011 to battle her alcohol addiction and prescription drug abuse.

Janice Dicksinson opened up about the past to her alcoholism, and that's the reason why she entered "Celebrity Rehab 4" . She tried hard to kick prescription drugs and started trying before walking in through the doors of the "Pasadena Recovery Center". She mentioned the abuse she suffered growing up, the physical and emotional abuse, and undeniably that plays a major role, as it does in many addiction scenarios.

Apart from Janice Dickinson's addiction to alcohol and drugs, Janice has an addiction to cosmetic enhancements as well.
The bad thing is that Janice denies that she is a plastic surgery addict and claims: "Surgery is good for you"  She is quick to reassure viewers that she can still form facial expressions and is seen pulling a contorted face to the camera saying: "See everybody? I can still move my face!"

When Janice entered "Celebrity Rehab 4", she broke down while recalling the abuse she suffered as a child.

In scenes shown, Janice appeared sobbed as she revealed fears that she would never be able to "get a grip" on the past after kicking the anti-anxiety drug Ativan.

"I'm writing in my journal and the memories keep coming back," an emotional Janice told Dr Drew on the VH-1 show. "I'm just really mad. I'm mad."

"And I'm afraid - afraid that I will never get a grip on child abuse," Janice claimed.

Earlier in the series Janice revealed that she had suffered at the hands of her father when she was a child.

"I was damaged beauty from the start," Janice revealed. "My dad had rage issues.
I was locked in car trunks, I was taped and gagged so he could go have his way. I was locked in a silent terror of a monster."

"I don't feel good inside," Janice admitted. "I don't sleep. You have no idea about the abuse. You have no idea how bad I feel."

"Physical abuse, emotion abuse and sexual abuse."

Janice also confessed in a magazine interview in 2006 that she may have accidentally killed her father by destroying his medication for a heart condition.

It has to be noted that Janice Dickinson endured a traumatic childhood with her father, who passed away from heart failure at the age of 67.

"When he was on his way to the hospital I tossed his medication out of the car window and didn't tell the doctors," Janice told Now magazine. "Maybe I wanted to kill the abuser?"

Janice described her father as a "rageaholic paedophile" and added: "Because I wouldn't give in and let him have sex with me, I was verbally and physically abused on a daily basis. I was told that I looked like a boy and wouldn't amount to anything."

"I think that if you abuse a child your balls should be cut off. You should be castrated immediately" Janice quoted as saying.

Janice was shown on "Celebrity Rehab 4" having a panic attack and sobbing uncontrollably as she battled against her addictions.

It has to be added that when Janice joined "Celebrity Rehab 4" fell violently ill during the detox phase of her treatment, while trying to come off multiple substances.

"Janice got extremely ill at the beginning of filming as she was going through a very intense detox," a source close to Janice revealed. "Janice worried Dr. Drew and the staff at the Pasadena Recovery Center because of how violently sick she was. Janice got through it, and absolutely made tremendous strides."

"Janice isn’t continuing treatment in another facility as several other cast members are," the source continued. "However, Janice is following the outpatient care plan that was given to her by Dr. Drew and staff members. Janice is actually asking for more help, going above and beyond what was recommended she do."

 Janice Dickinson already damaged from physical, emotional and sexual abuse from her father, she took advantage of the readily available alcohol and cocaine at every shoot and party when she was a highly sought-after supermodel in the 80's.

Her problems with alcohol have lingered, but she became dependent on a variety of prescription medications.

It's not a secret that prescription pill addiction can really sneak up on you, especially if you have an addictive personality like Janice Dickinson. When you go to the doctor for sleep, anxiety, pain, or any number of issues, you’re often prescribed medication upon which you can become mentally and physically addicted.

So, that is why when Janice arrived at rehab, already experiencing a distressing withdrawal from Ativan, she unloaded an armful of pills.

It has to be mentioned that Janice Dickinson was so miserable that she even contemplated suicide as she battled a prescription drug addiction in rehab after suffering crippling anxiety attacks, insomnia and tremors.

Janice realized that had become hooked on sedatives.

"I was taped 24/7. I went to a treatment center for 18 days. I had panic attacks, tremors, sleepless nights, thoughts of suicide — I was walking around with a lot of fear," Janice admitted.

"I’m shaking as we speak because I’m proud of the recovery I’m in. I’m not in treatment any longer. I have the guidance of a sponsor, I do prayers, meditations and go to meetings" Janice said.

"You have to take each day at a time. I focus on the gratitude I have in my life – my sobriety, my children, my relationship with (boyfriend) Alex, my dogs, a beautiful day. Life is so worth living now" Janice added.

Hope that Janice has battled all her addictions for good!


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