Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Travolta And Kelly Preston Fight: Long Term Affair Revealed

John Travolta’s gay sex scandal continues to destroy Travolta legally as well as his marriage to Kelly Preston. Years of deceit and cheating with numerous lovers can reasonably harm a relationship. So John decided to fly Kelly to Hawaii for a holiday in the sun in order to save his troubled marriage.

As the National Enquirer reports in the cover story of the July 2 Print Edition, what transpired was instead was "The Screaming Match that SPLIT John & Kelly!". The National Enquirer reports that instead of reconciling, John and Kelly had a massive fight that  according to insiders was their "nastiest screaming match ever!"

"It could break them up for good" stated a source. "Kelly packed her bags and was ready to leave, but John convinced her to stay and present a united face to the public by leaving the island with him."

According to The Enquirer, insiders report that Kelly is "embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief" by the lawsuits filed against John by male masseurs claiming sexual harassment. The Enquirer takes credit for adding to Kelly’s distress by revealing that Doug Gotterba, John’s former pilot, carried on a six-year sexual affair with him in the 1980’s.

According to The Enquirer, during their "romantic getaway" the pair stayed with friends at a private home in Kauai, but romance ended fast when Kelly exploded in a fit of rage after she learned of John’s long term love affair with Doug. "She boiled over and ripped into him" revealed the source and "lashed out at Travolta and is wondering what’s next."  

What do you think of Kelly Preston's reaction?

Can someone actually blame her? I am afraid not...This relationship has actually ended long time ago... The truth is that if Preston had self- respect, she would leave Travolta before the scandal broke...All this public humiliation is too much!

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