Saturday, June 23, 2012

Katy Perry On Russell Brand Marriage: "The Reality Is Not Like The Movies"

Who said that breakups are easy? Even for superstars like Katy Perry!

It's no secret that the final moments of Katy Perry's 14-month marriage to Russell Brand are captured in Katy Perry's new documentary, titled: "Katy Perry: Part Of Me" (in theaters July 5).

In the revealing film, Katy admitted:"Being in love is a dream, but the reality is not like the movies. There's a lot more compromise and sacrifice."

What do you think?

Was Katy Perry's marriage to Russell Brand full of compromise and sacrifice?

The truth is that relationships are quite like that...If you can't compromise and sacrifice anything for the other person you are married with and always put yourself first, maybe you should stay single...Just saying...

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