Friday, June 22, 2012

Lady Gaga's Manager: "Gaga A 200-Lb Toddler"

In a keynote address at the recent Music Matters conference in Singapore, Lady Gaga's manager, Troy Carter, compared the protest of the artist's Indonesian show to crucifixion and called Lady Gaga "a 200-lb toddler" who has yet to "make it" in the traditional sense.

"It's less about Gaga than it really is what's happening in the world right now as a whole," Carter claimed when pushed to talk about the Jakarta protesters. "This is a microcosm. It's a generational divide. Jesus Christ got crucified. It happens."

Carter, who got his start working with urban artists like Eve, Diddy, and Will Smith, quickly insisted that Gaga would not be changing anything about herself to fit markets like Jakarta, residents of which took offense to some of the Grammy winner's provocative lyrics and music videos. When asked if Gaga would transform the "Born This Way Ball" in any way, Carter responded, "we'll skip them."

However, Carter insisted that Gaga and her team had loved every moment of their trip to Asia thus far, stating "Asia is a very loyal audience and an audience that really, really loves's not a passive audience at all...we plan on spending a lot more time here."

Though Lady Gaga's manager wouldn't confirm details about Gaga's rumored fall LP, he spoke briefly on Lady Gaga's contract with Interscope. "We have I think three records left with Universal (Interscope). There may be a (record label) system there by the time her deal's up that looks more attractive."

 Asked by interviewer Michael Schneider whether Gaga has "made it" yet, Carter bluntly replied "no", comparing Lady Gaga to a "200-lb toddler."

Gaga has yet to announce American dates for the "Born This Way Ball," but Carter notes that she plans to tour extensively until the end of next spring. "It's gonna be an additional year before that tour is over. It's a long album cycle but it's part of the storytelling."

It has to be mentioned that Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" topped the "Billboard 200" following its May 2011 release.

It appears that Lady Gaga's manager is her toughest critic. Don't you think?

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