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Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery

Naomi Campbell is as famous for her temper as she is for her beauty. During the Cannes Film Festival, Naomi returned to the catwalk in support of her pet charity and showed not only her supermodel figure, but some new plastic surgery as well.

According to many celebrity watchers, 41-year old Naomi Campbell strutted her stuff alongside her fellow celebrities and revealed more than a touch of new plastic surgery.

There are also rumors in the past that Naomi has gone under the surgeon's knife for a nose job (rhinoplasty) and possible liposuction procedure, leaving her with a banging body after liposuction.

At Cannes, it looked like Naomi may have been adding a little filler to cheeks and enhancing her face with too much of a good thing.

On her blog, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden claimed: "The model, who turns 41 this week, turned a few heads at the festival (not in a good way). I think that in the attempt to keep up with the modeling world, she overdid it a little and doesn’t look like herself. It just doesn’t look natural. Her full cheeks do make her look like a nicer person though!"

Naomi may not care looking natural, as she has been sporting weaves which have caused her hair loss in the past. At the time, Board certified Manhattan plastic surgeon expert Dr. David Shafer recommended Naomi try Latisse to restore her lost locks around her face.

In detail, in 2005 it appears that Naomi had some sort of rhinoplasty done. The bridge of her nose seems implanted and the shape of her nostrils seems changed as well. 

Naomi told "Britain’s Daily Mirror" newspaper: "I don’t see myself as gorgeous and I’m fed up with people saying that I’ve had plastic surgery and liposuction. I don’t need it because "black don’t crack". My grandmother has fantastic genes and only has about one wrinkle. In the past my agencies advised me that I’d never get on the cover of Vogue without having work done but I still managed it. I just like to take care of my body. I don’t drink alcohol and I work out for two hours a day."

 Naomi does not even admit she is beautiful or has a great body. She feels she just eats healthy, stays sober, and exercises regularly.

Even recently she stated she vows never to have plastic surgery done unless she was disfigured in an accident. It comes as no surprise that she hates all the rumors saying she had something done to her body because she repeatedly refers to the good genes she is gifted for mainting her body shape. Her mother and grandmother look good for their age. Apparently, even her breasts are real. Kudos for Naomi, who has kept her full lips, symmetrical face, ultra thin frame, nice butt, and long legs the natural way. Naomi has undeniably a great skin, all thanks to being super lucky in the gene pool. 

Recently, it doesn’t look like Naomi has spent much time under the knife, except for possible Botox injections, which require very limited plastic surgery recovery and giving her plenty of time to get ready for the runway.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer quoted as saying: "Naomi Campbell, one of the most, or the most famous black super-model at age 41 looks better than ever. Her skin looks as if she was in her twenties. The only two things I can find her guilty for is hair loss and usage of Botox."

It has been rumored that Naomi’s natural beauty is complimented to her dedication to cleanse and trendy workouts like gyrotechnics. It’s more than clear that it works for her.

As for Naomi's nose, it appears today that it has a more defined projection, especially the bridge, compared in the mid 80's when she first took the fashion industry and runway by storm with her sultry look and exotic beauty.  However, people should keep in mind that specific makeup techniques may also do the trick.

Some people believe that Naomi may be receiving Botox injection to smoothen out the wrinkles and expression lines, while others insist that she has had cheek implant surgery.

It has to be mentioned that in 2006 Campbell sued a famous cosmetic surgeon after two celebrity magazines published a photo of her suggesting that she was a client of the doctor.  But surprisingly, the supermodel has adamantly denied receiving Botox injections, although she stated that using her name without her permission to advertise products was the main reason why she was angry!

On her beauty routine, Campbell says she does steams, facials, and "everything I can to keep my skin elasticated." As on plastic surgeries, she admits that these work "for those who do it for themselves and not to please someone else". The stunning beauty also claims she has no problem whatsoever with getting older. "I don't worry about a number. I'm fine with aging," Naomi told Harper's Bazaar.

There was a strong rumor in 2008 that Naomi had some plastic surgery in Brazil after staying for more than 4 hours in the operating room in a prestigious clinic well known for their plastic surgery procedures, but she denied any plastic surgery but some cyst removal... The rumour goes to claim that she actually got a liposuction then. 

The question is: "What plastic surgeon experts beleive about Naomi Campbell's plastic surgery?"

The majority of plastic surgeons can't see a significant difference on her breast as to say that she got breast implants, but on her face besides the difference on her nose someone can observe that she has now more prominent and defined cheek bones suggesting also cheek implants. It is also very common at her age to have botox injections on a regular basis, which is a fast and temporal procedure to eliminate, at least for a while, the wrinkles.

What do you think of Naomi Campbell's plastic surgery?

Is Naomi a natural beauty as she claims or not?

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