Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tori Spelling Inheritance

Tori Spelling claimed that she got just $800,000 from her father’s 1/2 billion estate and that a lot of it went to pay off debt she had amassed. She even held a yard sale in late 2006 to make some money. She then tried to make it look like she used her inheritance to purchase the inn that was featured on her reality show: "Tori and Dean: Inn Love," but actually that inn was rented. Tori’s estranged mother Candy Spelling is claimed in  her book that Tori got a lot more than just $800,000 in inheritance and that Tori was wealthy and set for life after making millions on her father’s TV shows.

According to "The National Enquirer", print edition, April 13, 2008: "Expect more fireworks in Tori Spelling’s ongoing feud with her mom Candy – after Candy accused her daughter of flat-out lying about her inheritance!The shocking claim comes in Candy’s new book "Stories from Candyland," and The Enquirer has an exclusive sneak peek of the blockbuster memoir. The nasty mother-daughter feud heated up after legendary Hollywood TV producer Aaron Spelling died in 2006. His $500 million estate was due to be divided between Tori, her brother Randy and their mom, his second wife Candy. Tori said she expected to inherit a sizable portion of the estate, but she claimed Candy, who was the executor, approved an inheritance of just $800,000. But in Candy’s new book, she pretty much calls Tori a liar, saying Tori had been left much, much more money, although she doesn’t give a specific amount," a publishing insider revealed.

"In addition, Candy says Tori was already "stinking rich" and had made millions starring in her father’s show "Beverly Hills, 90210." the insider quoted as saying.

It has been said that Tori hadn't even visited her dad in the last few months before he passed away and to not have attended his burial.

It has to be noted that Tori Spelling's brother, Randy Spelling, spoke out against reports according to which his sister was stiffed in her inheritance after a rift with their mother.

Instead, Randy claims that the amount Tori received from her mogul father's deathwas not only  what she should have been expecting, but the exact same amount he himself received.

"It's not like my dad would give me one thing and Tori another," Randy stated, adding that the amount of both of their inheritances "was set up for years and years and years. So, nothing was changed. Nothing was changed in the will."

The clarification came several month after rumors swirled that mother Candy Spelling took it upon herself to redress the distribution of her children's inheritance in the wake of husband Aaron's death after her estrangement from Tori grew increasingly bitter.

To conclude, Tori Spelling's mother Candy was the estate executor, but she and Tori were estranged. Tori and Randy Spelling inherited just $800,000, although Randy was not estranged. It was reported that Candy established a $10 million trust fund for Liam.

It sounds fair...

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