Monday, June 11, 2012

Zac Efron Naked: Leaked Photos On Line ?

Nude photos of Zac Efron spread like wildfire on social media sites almost two months ago.

In one picture, Zac Efron is allegedly seen fully naked on a hotel balcony while holding a pair of swim shorts.

A second photo allegedly reveals a naked Efron from the back as he stands in the balcony entryway.

The question is: "Are the photos real?"

Not at all!

The photos have actually been manipulated to make it look like as if Efron is in his birthday suit.

The original photos, taken Saturday, show the shirtless actor wearing pants while hanging out on the balcony of his Sydney hotel.

It has to be noted that in some shots, Efron’s outfit even shows in the reflection of the window, but that aspect was conveniently obscured by a towel in the Photoshopped version.

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