Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alyssa Milano Braless At 40 On Maxim Cover

Alyssa Milano's Maxim cover at 40 features her braless in a casual, open-front flannel-style shirt and teensy white briefs - Alyssa appears anything but middle aged in the racy spread.

One of the surprising things to notice is that Alyssa Milano still maintains at 40 her youthful and fresh appearance, because while 40 isn't old, when she portrayed Tony's child on "Who's The Boss", Tony and Angela were supposed to be about that age

Alyssa's days on "Who's The Boss" were part of her Maxim spread, where she recalls the sitcom as a positive influence in her life.

While many of the era's child stars didn't have a great time during or after their fame and fortune in those years, Milano seems to have taken her experience in stride and revealed: "It wasn't weird, because I didn't know any different. You know, I went through puberty like everyone else."

But Alyssa adds that it wasn't always easy, noting: "It only got embarrassing when the show would take what was going on with me and write it into the show, like "Samantha's First Bra." It was like: "OK, guys, do we really need to do this? But what an awesome time stamp!

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