Jennifer Garner Plastic Surgery

American actress and film producer Jennifer Garner, best known for portraying CIA agent Sydney Bristow in the thriller drama series "Alias", is rumored to have had plastic surgery before becoming famous.

Garner, 41, is speculated to have had a nose job and lip injections when she was young.

Garner's nose job narrowed the width of the bridge of her nose and refined the tip. Her nose fits the rest of her facial features very naturally and it's definitely not indicating that she had work done. But the main focus of Garner's face has always been her large lips.

It is hard to believe that Jennifer was not naturally born with full lips

Judging by the before and after images, Garner had thinner lips with a small upper lip while now they are larger and fuller.

Some celebrity watchers estimate that Jennifer had collagen injections in her lips while others insist that she has used fillers of some kind to augment them.

Plastic surgeons suspect that the work done on her lips is an indication of a permanent procedure as Jennifer's lips don't fluctuate in size. For that reason,  Jennifer may have had SoftForm, a form of Gore-tex put into her lips. The permanent size and shape gives a more natural appearance to her lips. She may have also plastic surgery on her upper lip to reduce the gummy appearance of her old smile and has certainly used professional teeth whitening devices to make her teeth white and sparkling.

It has to be mentioned that when Garner was asked about plastic surgery, she joked that her biggest beauty expense is her lip moisturizer, because her lips take up most of her face. 

What do you think? Did Jennifer Garner have plastic surgery?

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