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Burt Lancaster Quotes

1. Life is to be lived within the limits of your knowledge and within the concept of what you would like to see yourself to be.

2. (speaking in 1983) Tits and sand - that's what we used to call sex and violence in Hollywood.

3. I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.

4. (on being a director) It's the best job in the picture business because when you're a director, you're God. And you know that's the best job in town.

5. I always try to improve, to find new ways of expressing myself, to keep looking for truth and originality.

6. I don't know why "Airport" (1970) was nominated for any Oscars - it's the biggest piece of junk ever.

7. Sell yourself first, if you want to sell anything.

8. We're all forgotten sooner or later. But not films. That's all the memorial we should need or hope for.

9. Can anything be more Un-American than the Un-American committee?

10. I woke up one day a star. It was terrifying. Then I worked hard toward becoming a good actor.

11. I am interested in being in pictures that I would like to see.

12. (advice to actor Bruce Davison, on the set of "Ulzana's Raid" 1972) You try to please the director, and the cameraman and the soundman, and you're acting and acting and acting and by the time you come to your close-up, you've shot your wad. It's like making love to a woman: you can't try to come all at once, son. A bit of a tit here, a bit of an inner thigh there, and you have a performance!

13. A circus is like a mother in whom one can confide and who rewards and punishes.

14. (upon being offered "Ben Hur" 1959) I don't want to make this film. It's a piece of crap.

15. I am reasonably happy, providing I keep busy.

16. If I'm working with frightened people, I do tend to dominate them. I'm no doll, that's for sure.

17. I believe we should appeal to people at the higher levels.

18. (on Kirk Douglas) Kirk would be the first to admit that he's difficult to work with - and I would be the second.

19. I feel that I am a good actor.

20. Whether you like it or not, when you're 62 you are fulfilled.

21. I found marriage somewhat stifling. I don't know that I am the kind of man who ought to be married.

22. If anyone should have gotten AIDS from an active sex life, it is me.

23. I had the luck of having an obedient body.

24. (on Montgomery Clift) He had so much power, so much concentration. Clift was a complicated man, there's no question about it. He was a very sweet man, Monty, very emotional.

25. I hate looking backward, but every once in a while it sneaks up on you.

26. (on Kirk Douglas) We both came from, sort of, well, shall we say, humble beginnings. We were both young, brash, cocky, arrogant. We knew everything, were highly opinionated. We were invincible. Nobody liked us.

27. I have turned down a lot of garbage lately.

28. In my opinion, Shirley Booth is the finest actress I have ever worked with.

29. I walked out of class one day and I never went back.

30. (on working with Montgomery Clift on "From Here to Eternity" 1953) The only time I was ever really afraid as an actor was that first scene with Clift. It was my scene, understand: I was the sergeant, I gave the orders, he was just a private under me. Well, when we started, I couldn't stop my knees from shaking. I thought they might have to stop because my trembling would show. I was afraid he was going to blow me right off the screen.

31. I've always wanted to get an education, and tonight's as good a time as any.

32. Genius is a pretty dangerous thing to have. Genius is too erratic. It's better just to be talented.

33. My brother never had me to dinner in his life.

34. (on "Go Tell the Spartans") One of the best scripts I've read and certainly the best I've had for myself in a few years.

35. Mother beat the hell out of us. She'd have wild outbursts.

36. (In 1984 about his career) When I think of my least favorite, I think of "Rope of Sand". I did that thing under great duress. I hated it.

37. My former wife is a truly wonderful person.

38. Sometimes I only succeed in beating myself to death.

39. Obviously I am not the young man who came to Hollywood in 1946.

40. You have to fight against being an antique.

41. They were fun days, and we set the town on fire with every movie we did.

42. Take the feeling of hunger out of your gut, and you're no longer a champion.

43. Most people seem to think I'm the kind of guy who shaves with a blowtorch. Actually I'm bookish and worrisome.

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