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Gordon Ramsay Surgery

British chef, restaurateur and television personality Gordon Ramsay has reportedly had surgery to improve his appearance.

Ramsay, 46, is speculated to have had botox injections, facial fillers, veneers, a hair transplant and even a facelift!

Gordon Ramsay has admitted to undergoing a painful beauty treatment to have the deep grooves on his chin filled in, on the advice of Simon Cowell.

Ramsay has also revealed the real critics who made him have surgery: his own kids!

In 2009, the tough-talking F Word host had the deep diagonal creases on his chin filled in by a plastic surgeon, a move clearly intended to make him seem slightly less threatening on U.S. television.

But in 2010 the TV chef has claimed how he became paranoid about the lines after his very own children kept making fun of him about them and after he woke on morning to find out his daughter trying to "squeeze pound coins in" to the cracks.

Ramsay was quoted as saying: "I've got four children, and they've become: "Dad, why have you got so many wrinkles on your face when Clementine's daddy has no wrinkles?"

"The lines were pretty horrific, like Scarface, and I was never embarrassed by it but my children helped me become more paranoid about it," Ramsay continued.

"You've seen the articles: craggy face, map of Wales, ugly, deflated rugby ball. There's only so much s*** you want to take. I woke up in the morning and Matilda (his daughter) was trying to squeeze pound coins in there," Ramsay stated.

Ramsay added that in image-conscious Los Angeles, one make-up artist reacted with horror to his face, asking whether he had been in a car crash as a kid.

Ramsay noted: "In LA it was all: "Oh my god, when did you go through the windscreen?" You put up with it, but then you get f***ing sick of it. I listened to what Simon Cowell said, and he said: "Get it done, it'll make you look more…".

"Simon Cowell suggested that now I'm a success in America, I should do something, so I had a filler put under the deep crevices. It hurt," Ramsay said.

Ramsay revealed to Radio Times: "My mother said they were smile lines. I could deal with that at 21, but not at 42".

Opening up about the surgery, Gordon was quoted as saying: "It took four minutes each side, lasered not Botoxed. No one noticed until I mentioned it. When you don't say anything you're classified as a liar, so you can't win. It's got me more s*** in the past six months…"

"Am I going to have any more work done? Of course I'm not going to have any more f***ing work done. The amazing guy who did it said to me: "Let's get one thing right. I am not, under any circumstances, ever going to touch that forehead,"" Gordon noted.

In 2009 Ramsay admitted to using Botox and even decided to get botox injections again.

In a recent interview Gordon not only revealed having had botox, but also using the same doctor as Simon.

Ramsay explained: "Yeah, it's Simon's fault. I had lunch with him and he leaned over and started prodding my chin saying: "Mate, you've got to do something about this". I was like: "F*** off!"

"I mean, I know I've always had a face like Freddy Krueger, but more and more people were commenting on my chin. A make-up artist actually said to me: "God, what happened to you? Did you have an accident when you were little? Did you fly through the windscreen with no seatbelt on?" I mean, f***!" Ramsay continued.

"Anyway, I was getting a complex for the first time in my life, so I did it. Botox. A jab here and one here. And no one has f****** noticed," Ramsay noted.

"When I was talking to my mum about all the c*** that's been going on, and telling her I was going to do this interview, she said: "Keep your chin up". I said: "Yeah, well at least I've got a new one of those", but it went over her head," Ramsay joked.

There were images of Gordon Ramsay, which appeared to indicate a plastic surgery hair transplant and possible facelift, but the celebrity chef claimed that his puffy and younger face was the result of an allergy.

In 2011 Gordon Ramsay told The Daily Mail that his swollen face was the result of an allergic reaction to a horse, not hair transplant plastic surgery.

Gordon described a strange incident in which gangsters poured gasoline over him while he was filming in Costa Rica.

"I had petrol doused, gasoline poured all over my hair and I had a horrific infection. It certainly didn't cause my hair to be falling out."

Shortly after the gasoline, he was in Napa horseback riding, which obviously worsened his condition.

Ramsay stated: "I was in Napa for Christmas literally two weeks after the shoot and went horseback riding with the kids and had a horrendous allergic reaction to the horse, combined with the problems I had with my scalp - so it was just a hair nightmare."

But Gordon added: "I can now say that I am almost 60 to 70 per cent recovered."

Rumors of a hair transplant started after the popular chef was spotted leaving a hair clinic in Beverly Hills, with a surgical cap over his scalp. 

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer was quoted as saying: "There may need to be a new medical specialty just to handle the amazing conditions some celebrities suffer from that ironically make them look younger, skinnier, create fuller hair and bigger breasts.  It is one thing to deny your cosmetic enhancements because you'd like to keep it private, but it is another to make such absurd explanations for your improved appearance which actually puts more emphasis on the claim. Either deny it or don't, but claiming to have an allergy to horses pretty much verifies to me that the plastic surgery claim is true."

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California explained: "Any improvements in Gordon Ramsey's looks are not likely due to an allergic reaction. It is possible he had Botox and facial fillers to freshen his appearance."

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