Sunday, June 2, 2013

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

American politician John Kerry (full name: John Forbes Kerry) is rumored to have had plastic surgery.

Kerry, 69, is speculated to have had botox injections, facelift, brow lift, facial fillers and a nose job.

In 2012 Kerry turned heads when he appeared at the Boston Bruins Stanley Cup ceremony at the White House as he sported his black eyes and a swollen nose. His spokeswoman Whitney Smith revealed to WBZ-TV Kerry broke his nose playing ice hockey. Celebrity watchers and gossip websites attributed his bruised eyes and swollen nose to plastic surgery bruising!

The Drudge Report claimed that Kerry got botox injections as he doesn't have many aging signs on his face, especially on his eye area. His old tired look doesn't exist anymore.

Judging by the before and after photos, Kerry's forehead is smoother and his crow's feet has been diminished, a typical indication of botox injections. It also appears that he received treatment (facial fillers) to reduce his laugh lines.

Many assume that Kerry's eyes began looking unusually tight, bigger and wider back in 2003.

It has to be noted that some people believe that Kerry has gone overboard with plastic surgery, calling him: "Joan Rivers of political plastic surgery."

Dr. Savalia was quoted as saying: "Botox is the likely source of Senator Kerry's transformation".

What do you think of John Kerry's plastic surgery?

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