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Mischa Barton Dating

Mischa Barton is an English-Irish actress and occasional fashion model. Wanna know who dated Mischa? Let us examine Mischa Barton's dating history below...

February 2004 - July 2005
Mischa Barton dated the grandson of billionaire Marvin Davis Brandon Davis. They dated for more than a year before separating. "I wish her only the best," Davis claimed at the time.

September 2005 - February 2007
Mischa Barton dated the lead singer for "Whitestarr" Cisco Adler. The two reportedly got handsy in and around LA.

March 2007
Mischa Barton dated Jamie Dornan. The pair had a few dates in 2007 while Barton was in London for a short while. They separated after Dornan let her down on two consecutive dates. Mischa denied the affair, insisting she was single at the time.

June 2007
Mischa Barton dated young magician Brandon Silverfield. The couple met when Barton made a special guest appearance in Silverfield's Las Vegas magic show. During his "Impossible Sawing" illusion, Brandon used a guillotine to behead Mischa and after sawed her in half using a large circular saw. 

December 2007 - September 2008
Mischa Barton dated guitar player in the band "Rooney" Taylor Locke. The two dated on and off for a year, but it appears that Barton wasn't ready to settle down. "I'm just enjoying being single," Mischa revealed to "InStyle."

January 2008
Mischa Barton was rumored to be dating director Brett Simon. When Barton was attending the Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of 2008 in support of her latest film "Assasination of a High School President", rumors started to spread that Mischa was having an affair with the movie's director, Brett Simon. These rumors later proved to be unfounded. 

January 2008 - March 2009
Mischa Barton dated the frontman for the band "The Kooks" Luke Pritchard. Pritchard confirmed the affair during their relationship. Barton only confirmed the romance after the couple broke up in March 2009, writing on her blog: "I think Luke is a great guy, but the type better suited as a friend. We have a surprising amount of mutual friends in England and I don't regret our time together, I just couldn't keep it going." The pair, though, had a tumultuous affair, with numerous reports of their repeated splits and reconciliations. Barton eventually announced their separation via her blog, writing: "I'm sure you guys are all going to hear about it soon enough so I just wanted to tell you what is real first - I broke up with Luke when I got to London."

September 2008
Mischa Barton was rumored to be dating Josh Hartnett. Rumors began circulating that there was a romance between Barton and Hartnett, but soon proved to be false.

July 2010 - 2012    
Mischa Barton dated English DJ Ali Love. Barton has even moved to London to be with Love. "(Barton) wants to spend a year in London and see where things go with both the theater and Ali,"an insider told gossip blog Just Jared, adding: "She's so happy to be starting afresh. She's so in love!"

May 2012 - July 2013    
Mischa Barton dated Sebastian Knapp. The two met at a friend's wedding in June 2012 and went their separate ways in the summer of 2013.

March 2014 - Present
Mischa Barton is dating Italian actor Alan Cappelli Goetz. The pair was seen kissing and walking down streets in Rome.

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