Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demi Moore Rehab

Demi Moore has been placed in celebrity-friendly rehab facility "Cirque Lodge in Utah" - and she has some noteworthy company in the form of Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, according to Radar Online .

Moore, 49, is reportedly seeking treatment for substance abuse and an eating disorder at the facility, which in the past has reportedly played host to such high-profile patients as Eva Mendes and Lindsay Lohan. Mueller has reportedly been seeking treatment for cocaine addiction.

However, a source tells the website that Moore has not crossed paths with Mueller - or anyone else -because she's still in the early stages of her treatment.

"It's common treatment practice at Cirque to not allow patients that are being treated for an eating disorder to see how much they weigh when they step on the scale," an insider reveals to "Their weights are taken everyday, sometimes several times a day to make sure that they aren't losing weight while in treatment. Doctors at Cirque don't want patients to fixate on their weight."

"Eating disorders are all about control, plain and simple. When someone is in the ravages of an eating disorder, their lives are typically out of control. The one thing someone with an eating disorder believes they can control in their lives, is food. Demi isn't being forced fed or chastised for not wanting to eat though. The counselors at Cirque are working on giving Demi a safe and controlled environment, she is getting the best care possible. She is also dealing with an addiction to prescription medication, and she has a comprehensive team taking care of her."

Demi looks like a shell of her former glamorous self. It has to be mentioned that she weighs under 100 pounds!

"People just say Demi should just eat something, well if it were that easy, she would. Anorexia is a very serious disease, and treatment can take three months before a patient begins to see success," the source states. "She will likely stay at Cirque for at least 60 days. She doesn't have a roommate currently, but that could change though as she advances through the program."

During the first several weeks Demi will have very little contact with the outside world, this lets her treatment team keep their focus on getting her healthier, without distraction from the real world.

"Demi won't be allowed to call anyone during the first week, nor can she receive any phone calls. As time goes by, and if Demi is doing well, her doctors will allow her to have limited access to her cell phone for a small amount of time," the source states.

 After just a few weeks of treatment, Moore’s friends and family are noticing an improvement with her demeanor, and they’re encouraged by the progress she is making, according to insiders.

"Demi is really doing well in rehab," a source close to the actress admitted . "She was about to hit rock bottom but now things are looking up for her."

"Demi has a good outlook for the future and those around her think that she is taking her treatment seriously so that she doesn’t have another incident like the one in January," the source said.

"She knows what happened was dangerous and she doesn’t want to have a repeat of that again, especially not in front of her daughter," the source said.

"Demi has been doing so well in treatment but the people around her aren’t expecting she’ll get out yet, she has a lot of work to do still to be and stay healthy."

Thank God Demi decided to go on rehab! Judging by the reports, I strongly beleive that Demi will battle her drug addiction as well as anorexia! I wish she has a speedy recovery and soon gets back into normal!

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