Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Joan Rivers Mimicks Angelina Jolie's Leg Pose- Hilarious VIDEO !

You really didn't think Joan Rivers was going to let this opportunity pass her by, did you? Of course not!

The great phenomenon that is Angelina Jolie's right leg continues , and while hosting E!'s Fashion Police, Rivers commented on the leggy look  and even threw the claim out there that it was a prosthetic limb!

"I'm sorry, I always think Angelina is amazing and gorgeous," Joan stated. "But she ruined the whole thing for me with that stupid, working the whole prosthetic leg. It's a fake leg! Here, I got it. Here it is. And you can see it's hers because here is the tattoo, "Enter"."

She always grabs opportunities like this. That's Joan!

But on a serious note, Rivers felt that Jolie's posing was unnecessary, "You don't have to [do that] when you've reached the stature she's reached."

To watch the hilarious video click HERE.

Well, I can understand your point Joan. Maybe you are right that Angelina's pose wasn't necessary but don't you ever get bored criticizing others? It must be very pathetic to tell always bad things about people whom you know that you won't reach their level! But the worst thing is that you have based your career and fame by being nasty! How motivating and inspiring is that ?

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Source: E!news

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