Saturday, February 11, 2012

Joan Rivers Smokes Weed On A TV Reality Show To Get Ratings !

Joan Rivers is no stranger to controversy, but smoking weed on TV to get ratings? That may be a little too much.

Blackbook Mag reported the 78-year-old comedian can be seen on Tuesday night’s episode of her WE reality show with daughter Melissa, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?, high as a kite.

In fact, Rivers was so stoned that after a friend drove her back home, she ended up with all of her clothes on in a hot tub, drinking tub water out of her shoe.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the E! Fashion Police co-host smoked pot to relieve stress after her daughter invited her boyfriend’s parents to stay over at her place.

She and her friend, Lynne, obtain a prescription from a medical marijuana doctor and then head over to a cannabis shop, where Rivers tries out a bong before purchasing a pipe.

The two then get back into their car and start smoking.

Soon after, Rivers begins acting like a teenager, saying she has a case of the munchies and wants "to eat right now, lets go".

Fortunately, she recognizes that her friend is also not in a state to be driving and calls Melissa, who arrives furious and "ashamed of both you."

Her attempts to put them both to bed back at home are futile and she later finds them both in the hot tub.

However, Melissa’s sense of humor taps in and she begins laughing at the situation.

Wonder what Chelsea Handler thinks about this. Check out a video of stoned Joan below.

This is certainly out of line! It shouldn't air on tv in my opinion.
Ambition has its limits. This is sick!

Smoking pot on a tv show, it's like encouraging people to beleive that this is normal. How irresponsible is that?? Joan Rivers is far beyond of being a role model!That's for  sure!

 Considering that she is 78 years old, it's inexcusable! She has my granny's age! It's not cool at all! They are kids and teenagers watching these tv programs! 

The sad thing is that under the you tube video, there are comments, such as "You go Joan! You are the Queen!You are so cool". Well, no wonder why drug addiction spreads like a virus...It all starts with cannabis and then ends up with cocaine, meth, crack etc.

What do you think of it? Should celebrities do drugs in front of an audience?

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