Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joan Rivers Disses Angelina Jolie At The Oscars !

Fashion Police star Joan Rivers had a few choice words for Angelina Jolie.

"Angelina Jolie looked like a fool the way she posed," Rivers exclusively told RadarOnline.com. "She took herself right out of that super star category because you now realize she stands in front of a mirror to figure out [what she looks like.]"

Her daughter Melissa Rivers agreed: "She was demystified! She demystified herself and it’s unfortunate because it always looks so effortless, and you think how can one person be so glamorous? It’s because she practices!"

Meanwhile, some critics are saying that Angelina’s fashion choice ripped off Jennifer Aniston’s 2010 Golden Globes dress, but the Rivers ladies disagree.

"She isn’t even aware of Jennifer Aniston having a slit,” Joan stated, and Melissa agreed. "What Jen Aniston wears is so not on her radar until we put it there for her."

Joan continued her rant though against Angelina and her leg.
"Have you ever seen anybody stand with their hand on a hip with a leg thrown out to open an envelope? No. and you want to say, you idiot! You brought us back to the fact and we’ve all forgotten that you used to wear blood around your neck and French kiss your brother!"

When asked about Angelina’s ever increasingly small frame and super skinny arms, Joan made a remark that many are likely to find offensive.

"That looks like Auschwitz adjacent."

And what Joan's opinion about Jolie's image?

"This is the first stupid move she’s made. She handles her own pr, career and it’s all been very thought out. She turned around from kissing her brother on the carpet to being a representative of the United Nations and she’s done it all. She turned herself around to be a super star and you go whoops! Maybe she had a drink?"

Do you think that Angelina Jolie looked like a fool??

And how about you Joan in your age smoking weed in your tv reality show?? Very wise eh?? 

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