Monday, February 27, 2012

Rooney Mara's Oscars Red Carpet Look 2012 !

 Many things have changed since Rooney Mara has entered on the big screen last year in "The Social Network"!

Now she's trending her "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" madness, and she is working her white Givenchy gown on the Oscar red carpet!
Everything about this look is intentionally so dramatic. The plunge, the make-up, the hair
It was about time to put her black gothic looks away. It's such a pleasant surprise to look at her in white.

Well, to the majority of people it's definitely very polarizing. I don't blame them. It's totally different from what they are used to. But you know what?? Changes are always for the best and  true artists are not afraid of being daring and taking risks!

As you can understand, it is obvious that I embrace Rooney Mara's Oscars red carpet look! And what about you??

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