Monday, January 9, 2012

Kate Middleton Make-Up

Kate knows exactly what suits her – she sticks to a natural palette, a flawless base, neutral glossy lips and dramatic eyes.

To be more specific,she uses the Beth Bender Get in Line Stencil Kit, (£18,

If you want to copy her look , this kit could really help. It’s available in a light base shade for light to medium skin tones and a warmer shade for medium to darker skin tones.

To get Kate's make-up follow these steps:

1.Use a medium-sized shadow brush. Apply a dark brown shadow across the top of the eyelid, blending it away softly into the socket area.

2.The secret to getting Kate’s dramatic eyes is to use eyeliner along the lash line at the top and bottom. Start at the top and draw your pencil outwards from the centre.

Use your other hand to stretch your eye gently outwards to pull the skin taut, making it easier to draw a smooth line.

3.Then draw the line underneath, starting at the inside of the eye. Kate tends to stick to dark brown eyeliner as this gives maximum impact without looking too harsh.

4.Kate also has an immaculate complexion that she enhances with minimal foundation. For an even base like Kate’s, apply a foundation primer which will help the foundation base coat to be applied more evenly and smoothly while evening out the skin tone.

Another top tip is to apply your foundation using a make-up sponge or a brush, for an even, smooth coat of colour. 

5.For lips, stick to neutral pinky tones or just gloss – Kate keeps colour minimal.

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