Saturday, June 30, 2012

Madonna's Workout Playlist

Many people -and especially Madonna fans- may wonder: "What songs does Madonna hear when she is working out?"

Well, Madonna's favourite songs during her workout are:

1. Axwell. "Watch the Sunrise" (Extended Vocal).

2. Tiesto& Maxi Jazz. "Dance 4 Life" (12″ Mix).
3. David Guetta. "Delirious".

  4.  Tiesto ft. Julie Thompson. "Do You Feel Me".

  5. Perfect Stranger. "Stardust" (Felguk Remix).
6. Jean Claude Ades. "Fly Away" (Gee & Lighter Remix).
7. Daft Punk. "Television Rules the Nation / Crescendolls."
 8.  Miles Dyson. "Massenbewegungsmittel."

  9.  Hong Kong Blondes. "Superfine".
10. Oakenfold ft. Ryan Tedder. "Not Over". 
What do you think of Madonna's workout playlist?
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  1. I don't know these songs, at least not by their names..., but I'm glad with the fact Madonna doesn't listen to her own songs - can it be that she is less ego than I thought...?
    Wilhelmina sounds quite Swedish to me! There is a village in the north of Sweden called Vilhelmina (

    1. Madonna loves Tiesto, Oakenfold, Guetta...She is a huge fan of 90's dance music!
      Judging by her latest album "MDNA", you realize all these influences...
      What I like about her is that she is very open minded! She literally listens to all kinds of music! Even classic music!
      ( On the "Confessions" album and specifically on behind the scenes dvd, you see her passion!)
      Wilhelmina is my artistic name. It is actually the name of my mother and I use it as my surname!
      Nice to meet you Eva! Are you Greek who lives in Sweden??
      All the best!


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