Monday, March 18, 2013

Anderson Cooper Dating

Anderson Cooper (full name: Anderson Hays Cooper) is an American journalist, author, and television personality. Wanna know who dated Anderson? Let us examine Anderson Cooper's dating history below...   

2004 - 2009
Anderson Cooper dated Cesar Recio.

February 2009 - Present 
Anderson Cooper is dating gay bar owner Benjamin Maisani. Cooper has revealed his intentions to tie the knot with Maisani, in New York City. He considered coming out to the public when same-sex marriage became legal in New York in July 2011. 

Anderson Cooper was rumored to be dating Andy Cohen. The two were vacationing together in Croatia. Anderson posted a picture of a sunset seen from the boat and minutes later Cohen posted the exact same photo. Anderson then tweeted: "Look who just took the same instagram pic as me @bravoandy," along with a photo of @bravoandy on the boat.

What do you think of Anderson Cooper's dating history?

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