Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery

American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato, 20, is rumored to have had plastic surgery to improve her external appearance.

To be more specific, Lovato is rumored to have had a nose job and breast implants.

Judging by the before and after pictures that circulate widely on the web, we can notice that Lovato has changed a bit through the years. 

Her nose was more bulbous before. It is obvious that her plastic surgeon thinned out Lovato's nose bridge. Because of the well-executed rhinoplasty which was performed by her surgeon, now her nose fits in perfect harmony with the rest of her stunning features. 

As for Lovato's breast implants, we can't put our figure on whether or not she actually had a breast enhancement. Pictures can be deceiving as they show a difference in her bra size, but maybe the enlargement is a result of a push up bra. Also, Demi usually wears black dresses. So, it is difficult to tell for sure. There is also a rumor that Demi celebrated her 19th birthday by getting breast implants.

Conclusion: Demi Lovato definitely had a good plastic surgery as it looks very natural and still like her former self.

What do you think of Demi Lovato's plastic surgery?

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