Friday, August 16, 2013

Is Cyndi Lauper Gay ?

It was widely rumored over the years that Cyndi Lauper is gay, because she has always been a big supporter of the LGBT community.

The truth is that Lauper, 60, is straight. She has been married to David Thornton since 1991 and they have one son, Declyn Wallace Thornton (born 1997).

Lauper revealed to The Times of London that she had to come out as straight.

"My sister was gay, my best friends were gay, so I figured I had to be gay," Cyndi claimed, noting: "So I did everything they did. I tried kissing girls. But it didn't feel right for me and eventually I was forced to come out as a heterosexual."

Lauper also attacked George W. Bush, stating: "When I hear people like George Bush talk about the gay community being anti-American it makes my blood boil."

"The guy who saved the White House, one of the heroes who crashed that plane on 9/11, was gay - the rugby player Mark Bingham, who died on United 93. And does Bush ever mention that?…That gay guy saved his lousy ass," Lauper pointed out.

Lauper opened up about her status as a gay icon, explaining: "I'm friend and family, so…I live among my people. My sister is part of the community, and my friends are part of the community...I started to see discrepancies and things that weren't right, and I didn't want to just shut my mouth, because I don't believe in that."

It has to be noted that Lauper has actively campaigned for equality through several charities and gay pride events around the world for almost two decades. She has noted that the reason for her involvement in gay rights advocacy was her sister Ellen and the fact that she was passionate about equality. Cyndi regards her sister as a role model, because she is active with charity work in the gay community including working at a clinic for AIDS patients.

To name a few of Lauper's LGBT campaigns, check out below…

Lauper co-founded True Colors Tour for Human Rights through the United States and Canada, in June 2007. 

In April 2010, Lauper's True Colors Fund launched the Give a Damn campaign to encourage straight people and the LGBT community to stand up together against discrimination of LGBT people and highlighted the problems that LGBT students face in school from bullying and harassment (verbal and physical) as well as prejudice found in the work place. 

In 2012 Lauper began the Forty to None Project after learning that although only 10% of American youth identify themselves as LBGT up to 40% of the homeless youth in America are LGBT. Lauper's performances at gay pride events include: the closing ceremonies for the 1994 Gay Games IV in New York City). On June 24, 2012, Lauper appeared as a Grand Marshall for the annual Gay Pride Parade in New York City.

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