Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Madonna Looks Overdone", According To Plastic Surgeon Dr. Wyatt

While Madonna showed off her amazing grill over the weekend, Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon Lance Everett Wyatt claimed that despite the Queen of Pop's glamorous appearance, her uneven nips and tucks are apparent!

"Madonna looks overdone," Dr. Wyatt revealed to celebrity website RadarOnline.com.

"The lines underneath her eyes, from corner of her nose to corner of her mouth  and mouth to chin are common findings of a woman in her mid-50's. The procedures she had done do not address these issues according to these photos and makes her whole face look weird. She looks artificially young. She looks incompletely young. They puffed up her face without addressing her neck!" the plastic surgeon explained.

"What stands out most about Madonna's look are the arched eyebrows puffy lips and cheeks," the plastic surgeon expert stated.

"She may have had a brow lift with a filler placed in her lips and cheeks. The net result of these procedures however is a face that appears out of balance and overdone. While some patients may like this look most of my patients want to restore youth and beauty and a natural way. Again, Madonna's aging neck does not match her puffy overdone face," the plastic surgeon was quoted as saying.

Do you think that Madonna looks overdone as Dr. Wyatt claims?

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