Thursday, August 15, 2013

Preity Zinta Drug Addict ?

For the past few years Indian actress Preity Zinta, best known for appearing in Hindi films of Bollywood, as well as Telugu, Punjabi and English language films, had to face a lot of issues in her life. Not only did she broke up with her boyfriend Ness Wadia but also had to bear the loss of her IPL team "Kings XI Punjab".  

In 2008, Preity, now 38, had another crisis heading her way as several websites - specifically seven - on the web had published fake stories about her stating that she was a drug addict! These malicious websites had further "revealed" that Preity's family had taken her to the United States and she had to be admitted into a rehabilitation center. They had even gotten to the point of claiming that Preity was a frequent client of a cocaine dealer who used to supply drugs to her. Many had even posted images that clearly showed Preity sniffing cocaine!

Indian superstar Salman Khan came to Zinta's defense, stating: "Hope all gets sorted. Standing right besides you and hope so does the rest of the industry, fans, press and the law."

Khan, 47, continued: "She has to get her team back. I have never met anyone so straight, clear, positive, clean, and hard working and someone who fights her own battle single-handedly."

In reply to Salman's statements, Zinta wrote on her blog: "Salman can I please borrow your muscles? Only for a day I promise. Need to Dishum Dishum!"

After Zinta launched a vehement attack against the websites, she filed a lawsuit against them for their false allegations. Though the website owners apologized, Preity hired a lawyer and even reported the case to Mumbai cyber cell.

According to reports, it is suspected that the culprit is a specific Delhi businessman who had been harassing her in the past and with whom she had fallout earlier.

These awful websites shared with their followers the allegations below... 

"Preity Zinta is back in the news, I discovered from very reliable sources that Ms. Zinta checked - in for a rehab program in the US. Now that explains what the lady was doing in US. In 2005 I did an undercover piece on Cocaine abuse and dealt with a top notch dealer who catered to Bollywood and he took various names and Preity Zinta was also in his client list. In fact I didn't believe it till I saw a picture of Preity doing a line of cocaine saved in the dealer's mobile phone".

"If Preity has finally kicked the habit, it's good news. Hope King's XI dismal performance doesn't push her back to coke".

"The actress is looking almost 10 years older."

"Sources from an international film that the actress was a part of a few years ago, suggest that she was pulled up for her constant sniffing by the director (she would appear with white powder trickling from her nose) - she was immediately barred from all narcotic activities on set". 

"Other industry sources claim that she comes from a group of elite socialites, that include other A-list actors, that are known for having wild parties with generous supplies of good quality drugs at the venues which are usually the bungalows or homes of these people, some even suggest that her ex-boyfriend used to be the one supplying (due to political & business connections at high places) to the elite coke-heads of Bombay".

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