Friday, September 13, 2013

Olivia Bee Quotes

1. Being so young and working in the fashion industry is really great. I get to work with a lot of amazing brands, a lot of amazing people, but it is also hard because when I am hired for a job or I am working on my own photo, I give it 100%, sometimes 500%.

2. I'm an assertive person and I know what I want. And I'm going to get what I want if I can. I know how to do that. Being 18 and a girl can be really hard. People don't take me seriously - until they see me work. Sometimes, even if they've seen my work, they're still nervous and have to convince their client it's OK, or they have to lie about it.

3. I just really liked to show the world what I was seeing.

4. I took a photography class in sixth grade, and I started putting the pictures on Flickr, to show people what was going on in my life.

5. When I got the Fiat 500 campaign, a lot of men were very angry because a girl who had just turned 17 got that job and they didn't. When I turned 18, it was a little less of a problem - I was then a very young adult. But often people think I'm a PA or a very small model.

6. Nothing gets in my way, because I don't accept anything getting in my way.

7. It lends itself to memory; it's magical. I want to evoke nostalgia in everyone, and to take photos you can relate to, regardless of your situation, your gender, race, where you grew up, whether you're a teenager...

8. Obviously it's probably hard to trust me straightaway. I know I'm good at my job and I know someone could put any prop in front of me and I could shoot it in a way I think is successful. But it's still hard. Most photos in advertising are shot by 50-year-old men and I'm not a 50-year-old man.

9. I'm attracted to the idea of looking back. I think that's a universal experience.

10. Converse's ad agency, VSA, saw my stuff on Flickr and kept emailing me saying they wanted to work with me. I thought it was spam - I didn't know what an ad agency was, let alone VSA Partners. Eventually Converse emailed me: "Did you get the emails from our ad agency? Why aren't you responding?" Only then did I get it. And so when they did a shoot in Portland (where she was at school) they brought me on set and had me shoot some stuff.

11. My awkward phase is well documented on an old Flickr page. I don't show it to anyone.

12. I will make movies at some point.

13. For a few years, I was a straight-A student but then photos got in the way. I was pretty good at maths and science. I was a good reader and I'm really good at writing and art. I was not good at PE and music class could be stressful. I was pretty academically inclined and smart overall.

14. I've worked for Converse, Nike, Subaru, The New York Times. I did a really big feature for Hermès this summer, which was really amazing to be trusted so much by such an iconic brand.

15. (about Hermès) They sent me 30 scarves and said, do what you like.

16. Don't focus on success, that will really do you wrong. Success in terms of money and fame - that won't mean anything. You should focus on success in terms of what you love and what makes you happy.

17. I am really inspired by daily life and the beauty that that can hold: like the way someone holds their pencil or the way someone smiles at their best friend or the way someone walks down the street. I am very influenced by the '60s and '70s, and also the styling from the '70s really influences the way I put colors together, but I think that you can see that I shoot through a young lens.

18. I want to make a feature film. A collection of memories, real and imagined.

19. It was a legality thing. I also had to have a schoolteacher accompany me. It was kind of what actors have to do when they're under 18. My parents have been great. They don't help unless I ask for it, they let me do my own thing.

20. I wanted to be in video production, but they gave me photography. It was kind of like the best mistake that could have been made by my school counselor, because I just, like, fell in love with this art. I was really frustrated with it. But then, slowly I became less and less frustrated and more determined to make really nice photos.

21. I love photography because it is a way for me to really to show my life to myself and be like "look at all this amazing stuff you've experienced". It really makes me think that my life has been totally worth living and really helps me appreciate every single day.

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