Sunday, June 29, 2014

Molly Shannon Quotes

1. (about leaving "Saturday Night Live" to pursue a film career) I feel great about it. I did six full years, and I loved it. I just felt like it was time. Not everything is going to be a perfect decision. Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss, and that's the way it goes.

2. I really love having lots of down time with my kids.

3. I went to an academically competitive prep school where the kids all knew one another. It was sort of tough. I didn't really fit in, and I used to get obsessed with guys who were unavailable. It was sort of a hard, dark time for me. I think things get a lot better after high school.

4. Losing my mom at such a young age had a profound effect on my life.

5. Yeah, the guy that wrote the script is John Hoffman. He wrote and directed. He's one of my best friends in LA. So he asked me if I could play the mom. I think he's such a good writer. It's a kid's movie, but it's written really beautifully. There are moments when I was like, this is so sweet. I really feel it's great to see live action like that for kids. It's moving and makes you think. I found it so touching when I read it.

6. I went to drama school at New York University.

7. I used to get painful crushes on really unavailable guys.

8. I like both movies and TV, so I don't have some big grand plan.

9. My dad was a real fun guy and, despite his personal problems, he was a great father. It wasn't easy, but he did a good job of raising my sister Mary and I all by himself.

10. I feel sort of lucky that I did films when I was there. I did "Never Been Kissed" and "Superstar". Then I got "Serendipity". I think of people like Adam Sandler who've paved the way, did so well. They did it themselves. It's not like it's handed to you. You would think it automatically guarantees. It's really not easy.

11. I'm no way one of those comedians who want to do drama. I really do love comedies. I hope to go back to it.

12. We are a little short. We've done car washes, we had donations but we're still a little short.

13. She's true to herself and she's determined. She has things going against her, but she forges ahead despite all of that. I think that's encouraging. She's got some problems, but she has hope and tries to plow through things. I think that's a good role model.

14. When I was on "Saturday Night Live," all I did was work.

15. I think things get a lot better after high school. I think the ones that struggle during that time tend to have better experiences after.

16. I actually went to college with Adam Sandler. He was a dramatic actor, too!

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