Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery

By taking a look at pictures of the actor Sylvester Stallone, known for his roles in "Rocky" and "Rambo" movies, it is hard to believe that he is aging completely natural.

We have to admit though that Sly maintains a great shape through the years but it is speculated that he helps his skin with some plastic surgery procedures such as Botox injections.

It has to be noted that botox is not a permanent procedure. That's why sometimes it can be more obvious than others. Just keep in mind that the injections need to be received in 3 to 6 months intervals to keep the results.

The question is: "How can you tell that someone has got botox injections?"

When you can not view any wrinkles or lines in the forehead and surrounding of the eyes of someone older than 50 years old, it is almost certain that his or her skin is the result of some plastic surgery procedure such as botox, fillers or some kind of peeling. 

It won't be an exaggeration to claim that Sly's stretched features give him a permanently surprised expression.

The apparent scar running along his hairline suggests a facelift or browlift at the very least.

You may wonder:"What plastic surgeon experts state about Sylvester Stallone's plastic surgery procedures?"

According to plastic surgeon John Di Saia MD: "This type of forehead lift is designed to shorten the forehead and lift the eyebrows. The incision is in the hairline as we can see in the close up image. These incisions become less noticeable with time. This one looks relatively recent. His eyebrows should settle a bit too."

When Sylvester Stallone attended the closing ceremony of the Venice Film Festival in 2009, his appearance raised some eyebrows. It was more than clear that Stallone has gotten himself some kind of epic facelift, not to say that his eyebrows were ridiculous.

There have been rumors about Stallone’s nips and tucks for several years now. Perhaps he never had a full-on facelift, but he’s had something done, like a brow lift or something with the tightness of his jaw line. But those rumors haven’t stopped him from going under the knife again with his look in Venice as an indication. "The Daily Mail" also noted that Stallone was wearing very heavy makeup for the event.

 Check out below what "The Daily Mail" reported about Sylvester Stallone's look.

"Sylvester Stallone was obviously glowing with pride at being awarded a film-making prize today. But it was more than just the flush of success that was contributing to the Rambo star’s slightly orange and frozen complexion.

    The 63-year-old appeared to be wearing heavy facial make-up and there was barely a wrinkle to be seen on his forehead when he arched his eyebrows at the Venice Film Festival today.

    Wearing a slick grey pinstripe suit and blue tie, the actor looked a world away from his long-haired Rambo character."

What do you think of Sylvester Stallone's plastic surgery?

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  1. It's obvious that Sly has gotten things done & continues to do so. But he still does it for me!

  2. One thing's for sure, Sylvester Stallone will remain as one of the most versatile actors in the history of the film industry. :) By the way, aside from the director of Expendables, rumor has it that football star David Beckham and actor Tom Cruise had both undergone the procedure also.

    Jacinto Hukle

  3. definitely obvious but seriously he is like 63 now have you seen his body O.O(he maintains such a good shape and is so friggin' hot in expendables 2 x3)? I hope one operation won't go bad because I really like him and actually I love how his face looks! He is a really good actor so who cares what he does ! =P

  4. Agree with you, laurè! He looks great! :) Let them do what they want, who cares :D


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