Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amy Winehouse As Michael Jackson!!!

While I was  surfing on the web, I found this video on You Tube.
Unbeleivable! I didn't know that Amy Winehouse was a 
Michael Jackson fan!
I love the fact that she tried to sing something completely different from what she usually sang. Nice try indeed!

Many people didn't like at all Amy's effort to sing "Beat it"
by Michael Jackson,judging by the negative comments that got on You Tube. 

In my opinion many people generally don't like it when very famous singers attempt to sing songs by other popular singers as well...They become really mean! I beleive that happens because they are very get used to the original version.

What do you think of Amy's "Beat it"version??

Before you judge, please be open minded & if you are not familiar with her version, give it a second listening. Maybe, you'll change your mind...Who knows??

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