Beyonce's Top Ten Songs Of 2011!!!

Beyonce took the time to reveal her Top 10 songs of 2011 !!!

Here they are:

1.Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj, ‘Dance (A$$)’

2.Future, ‘Tony Montana’

3.Jay-Z & Kanye West, ‘N—-s in Paris’

4.Kelly Rowland, ‘Motivation’

5.Adele, ‘Someone Like You’

6.Drake,’The Motto’

7.Rihanna, ‘Man Down’

8.Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, ‘Look At Me Now’

9.James Blake, ‘The Wilhelm Scream’

10.Frank Ocean, ‘Novacane’

What do you  think? Any of your favorites included??

Have you noticed something?? Lady Gaga is not included in her list!!!

Feel free to comment.

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