Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gene Simmons About Madonna Performing For Super Bowl!!!

Madonna has no business performing at the Super Bowl ... this according to legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who thinks the game would be better off with a "real band."


Simmons was leaving Boa in Hollywood last night when we asked how he felt about Madge headlining the Super Bowl halftime show -- to which Gene sarcastically replied, "I love all karaoke singers, I love all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes ... shame on you!"
Gene added, "By the way, Madonna's terrific ... I hate the tapes."


Do you think that Madonna is a Karaoke singer?? For 30 years??

Well, that's very long for a Karaoke singer!!!

                                                                                Personally, I beleive that Mr. Simmons is very jealous of Madge because he wanted to be in her position...

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  1. Really Gene Simmons? After the year you've had, what business do you have insulting a music legend? How's about you concentrate on your marriage, your wife and kids and leave the half time show to Madonna, who, with her Sticky & Sweet tour 3 years ago, and at 50 years of age became the top grossing concert by a solo female artist of all time! Not bad for a karaoke singer of more than 30 years. Get a life Mr. Simmons. It's as if your public breakup, recovery and marriage wasn't enough attention? Now you're riding Madonna's coat tales for more attention?


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